Win a free book of Charlie Morley!

Charlie Morley´s Book about Lucid Dreaming is out now!

Charlie Morley´s Book about Lucid Dreaming is out now!

I like the fresh and easy-going writing style of Charlie and the combination of western science and the knowledge of the buddhistic tradition. Charlie is also a dancer (Breakdance!) and I love it, how this background is lighting up in several lines in the book, so I can absolutely identify with it.
It is a wonderful starting point for Beginners and also a good repetition with more detailed informations to give you more inspiration if you already know the basics.
I also like this little examples here and there to get a better picture like explaining emptiness: “Meaning that if we were to force together all the atoms of all the humans who had ever lived and then remove the empty space in those atoms, the entire human race would fit into an area the size of a sugar cube.”
This book will give you a great overview of useful technique’s to become lucid in your dreams!

If you want to win a free book of Charly Morley,
you have to be in my german newsletter and answer to the november newsletter with a few questions:
(If you are not yet my newsletter, then you have to write to an Email with the title „Ich möchte gerne den Newsletter von AliceimWachtraumland erhalten.“)
– What is the title of Charly´s new Book?
– In which language is the book of Charly written?
– What is the last name of the german lucid dream pioneer with the first name Paul?
Please also write directly your Adress, to where the book should be send, so that in the case that you win, the book immediately can be send to you!
You can write and participate at the winning game until the 17th of November 2013.
I wish you wonderful lucid dreams!

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